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Welcome to Born To for t-shirts all about golf. Probably the best selection of funny golf t-shirts available anywhere on this here Internet!

Recently Purchased: Never buy a putter until you've had a chance to throw it Sky Blue Men's T-Shirt
Never buy a putter until you've had a chance to throw it Sky Blue Men's T-Shirt

Some Of Our Latest T-Shirts:
  • Born To Bogey Skull Polo Shirt T-Shirt The classic Born To Bogey skull logo, complete with crossed clubs, printed on an organic polo shirt. Perfect attire for the course.
  • Dennis Wise: Irritating Five Footer T-Shirt The very definition of something that is five feet and insanely annoying. Either a tricky putt or former Wimbledon and Chelsea footballer Dennis Wise.
  • Make Bogeys Not Bombs T-Shirt We're all peace-loving types here at Born To Bogey. We like to make humorous golfing attire, and bogeys (and occasionally pars). But never weapons of mass destruction, oh no.
  • The Rules of Golf #4 T-Shirt You will always make par with your provisional ball. Born To Bogey rule of golf number 4.
  • How's My Driving T-Shirt A parody of the, frankly unfathomable to us, How's My Driving stickers which you can glimpse each time you are cut up at high speed by an articulated lorry or white van on the M5.
  • Frankie Says Fore T-Shirt For all aficionados of early- to mid-1980s synth-pop and fashion. Forget Relax, Choose Life or other clichéd slogans, just say FORE. As loud as you can.
  • Jiménez "Viva El Golf" T-Shirt In the style of a Latin revolutionary, complete with trademark unshaven look, hat and large cigar. No, it's not Che or Fidel but Miguel Ángel. ¡Viva le Golf!
  • Drive For Show Who Cares About Putting T-Shirt A gentleman holding the very biggest of big-bertha-esque drivers. We feel the the volume of this particular one may exceed the maximum USGA limit of 460 cubic centimetres.
  • Fairway and Ball Sign T-Shirt The sort of sign that it would actually be really useful to have on the golf course, if slightly dispiriting.
  • Oh S--t T-Shirt Easy does it. Relax. Clear the head. Address. Smoothly back. And.... oh shit.
  • Old Golfer "This F--ker's Havin' It" T-Shirt A glimpse into the mind of the Victorian golfing enthusiast. Not to dissimilar to the modern-day one then. Give it some welly, old chap.
  • When You Look Up T-Shirt 'When you look up, causing an awful shot, you will always look down again at exactly the moment you ought to start watching the ball if you ever want to see it again.' Design depicts Bogey hitting his...
  • Water Hazard T-Shirt 'When your shot has to carry over a water hazard, you can either hit one more club or two more balls.' Design depicts Bogey standing next to his stand bag and ball, looking a little perplexed.
  • Two Options T-Shirt 'If you're afraid a full shot might reach the green while the group ahead of you is still putting out, you have two options: you can immediately shank a lay-up or you can wait until the green is clear...
  • This F---er's Havin' It! T-Shirt 'This f**ker's havin it!' Bogey depicted at the moment of impact, with a huge grin on his face. He knows he's havin' it!